Welcome to Eyedoctor Jeppe Schierup

You can ask your questions and get advice here online within 24 hours for the cost of 100 s.kr.

You can book a eye examination including vision, pressure and Eyedoctor consultation in our clinic for 500 s.kr.

Or you can book a homevisit for 1500 s.kr.in and around Helsingborg.

You can get your eyelidoperation, upper and lower eyelids in our clinic in Helsingborg.

You can have your optician send us your eye-background photos for evaluation for 100 s.kr.

We do Asian eyelids (double eyelid surgery) for 11.000 s.kr.

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The clinic
Eyelid Diseases
Dr. Jeppe Schierup
Specialist in Ophthalmology

Kungsbackagatan 6
25250 Helsingborg

Tel: 042-12 22 40 between 10.00-14.00
Mail: jeppe.schierup@hotmail.com
Swish number: 1233794278